The Quebec Engineering Games is the largest engineering competition in Quebec and the province’s most significant gathering of engineering students. Participants will have to show their academic, technical, sports, and social skills during this competition. They will need to demonstrate teamwork and personal growth to overcome the challenges that arise throughout the event.

La Machine

Being one of the two long-duration challenges, La Machine is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish during the Eng Games. The goal is to create an intelligent robotic machine that will overcome various challenges on a predetermined course within a given time. Over the four months leading up to the event, teams must invest time, ingenuity, and creativity to meet the judges’ expectations while adhering to the budget. Participants must leverage their engineering knowledge and manage a budget allocated for resource purchases to bring their ideas to life in front of the audience and the media.


The entrepreneurial competition is the second challenge that requires extensive preparation before the Engineering Games. It leads participants to apply related skills in an innovative environment. This challenge involves designing and producing a prototype to address a predefined issue, drafting a business plan justifying the product’s choice, its feasibility, and its implementation from the perspective of an emerging company. It also entails preparing a brief sales pitch for the judges to convince them of the solution’s optimality for the problem.

Academic competitions

The academic challenges encompass the six most taught engineering disciplines in Quebec, along with the consulting engineering category. The competitions take place during a morning session, during which teams must complete a theoretical questionnaire and undertake a practical challenge, which can involve assembly, laboratory experimentation, or a case study related to a specific engineering field. To do this, each delegation is divided into sub-groups of four to six individuals based on the participants’ fields of expertise. In this way, they take on a challenge that covers all the subjects addressed during their university education – a challenge that matches the caliber of the engineering successors!


Drawing inspiration from the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” the sports competitions have carved a place within the competition. The day dedicated to these challenges provides delegations with an opportunity to stand out in a field other than engineering and showcase their versatility. The sports tournaments will not only focus on individual athletic skills but also on teamwork spirit and effort, two important values of the competition.

Cultural competitions

To add a touch of entertainment to all these challenges, cultural competitions are on the agenda: improvisation, debates, and trivia. They allow delegations to showcase the hidden talents of the participants. Knowing how to harness one’s imagination and quick wit during the colorful improvisation evening, displaying eloquence during debates, or showcasing broad general knowledge will undoubtedly be necessary to triumph in the cultural events. Not to mention the cultural evening that takes the form of a networking event, a golden opportunity to exchange and expand one’s professional network with partners in a most friendly atmosphere.

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