Together, let’s think outside the box!

In an ever-evolving world, thinking differently is crucial: it urges us to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. By challenging established norms, we pave the way for new ideas, perspectives, and solutions to solve complex problems. Faced with new global challenges, thinking outside the box allows us to create a better future and a more tolerant and inclusive society.

This is why the organizing committee of the 2024 Engineering Games has chosen the theme “Think outside the box.” For the 33rd edition, we are working tirelessly to align the Games with this mindset. We aim to refresh what has already been done in the face of new challenges, whether they are environmental, social, or technological.

And to achieve this, nothing works better than a united community. Whether you are partners, participants, or volunteers, we eagerly await your presence in Sherbrooke from January 3rd to 7th, 2024!

Our Values

For the 33rd edition of the Quebec Engineering Games, the organization and holding of the event will be based on four central values.


The commitment that we must demonstrate in taking actions that benefit everyone as well as the environment.


The audacity to accomplish what needs to be done, to dare to take risks, and to lead change and innovation.


Comradeship, as a sign of solidarity, because alone, we go faster, but together we go further.


The openness to others, to new solutions, to what challenges us and momentarily destabilizes us.

Our delegations

The Quebec Engineering Games consist of 12 delegations and 14 universities from Quebec, Ontario, and now New Brunswick!

Jeux de Génie 2024