What are the Games?

For over 30 years now, the Quebec Engineering Games have been the largest engineering competition in Quebec, and the largest gathering of engineering students in the province.

Participants from 14 universities in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, put their general and engineeringspecific skills to the test by competing in a variety of challenges. École de Technologie Supérieure is honored to host the 34th edition, taking place from January 3rd to the 7th, 2025.

The ever-increasing complexity of current and future issues requires engineers to pass on their knowledge, share their skills and work together to devise sustainable, innovative solutions. It is through this collective strength that we can envision a future in which engineering continues to play a crucial role in the advancement of our society. Together, we can reach great heights.

This year, the organizing committee is highlighting a fundamental element that has been at the heart of the Engineering Games for years: community. Innovative collaboration is what brings together our boldness, ambitions, and innovations.

The essence of our unity lies in a solid network, woven by continuous and fruitful exchanges that extend far beyond the competitions, into the heart of our personal and professional lives.

It is in honor of this spirit of cohesion that the theme chosen is "United for the Games". Participants will be able to demonstrate their spirit of the Games through the four pillars: empowerment, audacity, community and health

Merci à nos Partenaires !